Comment to 'Dog breeding myths'
  • [quote="YP Yousha"]Myth#1. Purebreds are "weaker" than mutts. Mongrels display more genetic faults and inherited disease traits than any one breed.There are endless sets of statistics to prove this idea is a myth, [/quote] [quote=NickD]I want to see DOCUMENTED PROOF on Myth 1 Not some breeder for profit BS, I want a UNIVERSITY study [/quote] :lol: Right on! :) I wanna see those endless studies too....I assume they were all funded by national grants from the NSF or NIH??! :lol: :roll: That's probably very high on the priority list for the government to clear the conscience of show breeders. :lol: [quote=yajnesh]This sounds like a great defense for those who have ruined many breeds[/quote] Exactly!
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