Comment to 'Dog breeding myths'
  • I want to see DOCUMENTED PROOF on Myth 1 Not some breeder for profit BS, I want a UNIVERSITY study and I will tell you why. I may be new here but I have had all types of dogs from 4000.00 purebreeds to pound mutts, I would venture a guess that from 1987 to 2000 I "rescued" over 70+ dogs plus I always had "house" dogs, different and separate (with 3 exceptions) from my house dogs.Plus I have had dogs in my life forever from say 1963 to present. I always took in the big bad dogs that no one else wanted so I have a lot of hands on with different breeds including bandogs ,wolf hybrids,pits, rotts, GSD,dobie, neo,presa,Doge B, and every dog I just mentioned I had at least 2 of them, plus many huge dogs that were rare enough 20 years ago that know one new what thet were..I think I had a SA B, and at least 1 Russian giant shepard type (which I was told was used in a wolf programn) Since I am far from rich, and got 0.00 in dog vet help, I am acutely aware how much owning different breeds costs. I never had any of my mutts develop hip d, but all 3 of my GSD did as well as 2 of my 4 Dobes and 1 of my 5 Rotts. I never saw cancer in a mix buy lost a very expensive neo, and a super rottie , english bulldog,1 gsd, and a standard poodle. ( all cancer in last 6 years which makes me wonder) I had a Doge B, and a JBJ AmBD,and a EBD all suffer from acute sinus problems due to poor draining. Meanwhile my hybrids and bandogs and junk yard mixes were THRIVING and most lived long enough to die because it was their time. Meanwhile I do help train a bit and have seen 1 year old Cockers going blind(3), boxers that need to eat baby food because of bad stomachs (2), deafness in a GSD,Dalmation,french bulldog, all less than 2 years old. A Irish setter that was phyiscally unable to hold his bowels, 2 Rotts and a RRB and 5 AST (2 rednose +3 blues )that were born with holes in their hearts and 1 neo with the same. All the above dogs were "pick of liiters" Show winning parents or weight pulling winners..I would venture a guess that cheapest dog of the bunch was at least a grand and NONE were bought at a mall or puppy store all went to noted breeders, and all were offered some kind of refund, but for christ sakes whos going to give away a dog that they raised as a pup most of owners used $for massive vet bills. My 2¢
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