Comment to 'Dog breeding myths'
  • I am not taking a stand on what is better, I am reporting what I have seen 1st hand. I do think that when breeders try to breed so close to AKC standard that defects occur.Anyone could just as easily breed a Neo with a bad heart to a Blind pit and say they have a bandog..just do not be surprised that the pups might not be what you expect. And I do not think its the little guy breeder either who owns a nice papered male and hooks him up with a papered female across town..( which IMHO produces the best dogs)I think its the people who LIVE for shows ( I know they love the breed, but wonder how much breed love they would have if pups were only 200.00...not 4000.00++) Let me ask you all when did a normal owner/trainer last win a Major AKC show...aiiiiiiiiiiiiiint happening folks all blue bloods old $/ celebrity owners ..unless u do not watch the shows..Lassie and Rin Tin Tin could not place in todays ring...let alone Petey or Nipper. I use people for my proof not all of us can play pro ball, and neither can some of the pros kids ..being fast or tall or being able to jump high is not manmade its god given, I think if Bill Cosby bought a 400.00 papered anything his dog would be at westminster on TV and have a stud list in waiting.
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