Comment to 'When contacting a breeder {Rant}'
  • Thank you. I never considered if I was wrong or right. I just know what I want. I know what I expect from those seeking a pup from me. 'Ive turned people down. But when looking for a pup I know the purpose of the pup. If I just want a pet then it wouldn't matter. If I want a dog the excels in home protection I am not going to get a Samoyed or Pug. If I want a dog that will excel in agility I would not get a English mastiff or great dane. If I want a dog that will go swimming I probable will not get an English bulldog. If I expect to have a lot of friends visiting and I don't want to put my dog up when they come over I won't get a Fila.


    I know I like dogs that protect. I know I like dogs of certain sizes and temperaments.I tend to like short hair dogs because I don't want to deal with as much dog hair from shedding or grooming. There are long hair dogs that I like and have considered. Like the caucasian ovcharka. I really like them. But because of the hair I have not made a move to get one. It is still very tempting because I like their temperament. If I ever get another long hair dog that would be it. The latest pup I purchased does not have the size of a dog that I would normally get. But it has all of the qualities that I like in a dog but not the size. It doesn't realize that it doesn't have the size. If I didn't have the larger dogs I would not rely on it for home or family protection. But I will still do the protection training with him. I would never suggest this breed for home protection. But it has the courage to do the work. I do like that it will go to the ground to hunt rabbit, foxes, etc. It will fight a racoon. It will get bitten but not give up in the fight. They are very determine to get its prey.

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