Comment to 'Training vs Temperment'
  • Got ya Platz...I didn't realize what we were talking about with this dog specifally. I have no experience working with this dog, however from the sounds of it the Akita is similar in temperment and I do have experience working with this dog. I'll quote something a very good trainer told me when I brought him my Chow and later an Akita..."boy you do like to make things hard on yourself don't ya" we were protection training these dogs and it was a huge challenge. And now that I know what we were talking about, I do agree with you, they will not heed a voice command "out". However I am still of the same opinion. These dogs are a huge liability, and although they will never be "push button" dogs...I think training can only help decrease that liability, not vice versa. By the way, we did have quite a bit of success with the chow...he had perfect obedience on lead...and a decent "out", it was his dog agression that was the problem ...several bites !!! a huge headache !!! but overall a great dog. As a professional I swore I would never own another dog that was such a huge liability. If I want that kind of liability I will keep TIGERS or LIONS !!!
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