Comment to 'Training vs Temperment'
  • [quote=JackBull"][quote="Meriam]Last summer I got my knees and underarms pealed in trying to prevent my male dog to eat up our neighbour. My other bitch flew trough two glass windows last winter when our adult son come home. My Little Diva, the smallest of the dogs, got somehow outside when we had a chimney-sweep climbing down from the roof. In a second she jumped on him, turned him down and actually bet him several times. When I got her off she still refused let her grip of poor fellows hand. This accident cost our insurance company quite a bit money. [/quote] Sounds to me like you have a serious liability on your hands, and unless you want to get sued again. Training is mandatory, they need to be taught what a threat is and need to heed the "out" voice command!!! Or I can all but guarantee there will be other "accidents". In my opinion as a trainer...PP training is more important, with dogs that have this tendency...that being said the demand for a very experienced trainer and one preferably with experience with this breed is as not to increase problems of this kind but to decrease through confidence and understanding of what you expect from them![/quote] Chris, kudos for the "training is mandatory" advice. BTW, the post you responded to seems to be about Central Asian Ovcharka. You and I conversed in the chatroom about Caucasians, a different flockguardian breed. Meriam, it is rough to start chastizing when people share openly on forum so I'll wish you speed and good luck getting the dogs under control.
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