Comment to 'Training vs Temperment'
  • [quote=Meriam]Thanks Stacey, I am already used to these kind of opinion among people here IRL. The most usual idea is that we are too lazy and careless dog owners to train our dogs to civil behavior. It seems to be really hard for ordinary dog owners to understand that this is not a question of discipline and they willingly come with several advices and opinions about training. And friends seems to have forgotten that we have during last three decades had several well behaving dogs, that we have not suffered sudden amnesia how to train. Regards Meriam with three lovely beasts[/quote] I was wishing you luck but supporting Chris's recommendation to train because I am a big believer in training. See some trained Central Asian Ovcharka at: 1 in training for PSP "As Edina and "TK" enter the training field, they are surprised by a man from behind the door. "TK" immediately identifies the threat and engages. Shortly thereafter, he is called off and walks away. As you can see, the training emphasizes, identifying the threat and disengaging on command."
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