Comment to 'Training vs Temperment'
  • [quote=Meriam]Last summer I got my knees and underarms pealed in trying to prevent my male dog to eat up our neighbour. One nigh I was with my dog by the gate to check in the mailbox. The gate was open and I had my dog in the leash. Our neighbour were not really sober and was passing by, my dog stand up and warned him by barks. Afterwards turn out that the bloke had got an idea in friendly meaning to make my dog back out a bit, but it went to a disaster. He took few quick steps toward us with arms broad open and yelled something. Before I realised my dog jumped on him and I flew as a leaf after. The chap flew on his back with my dog laying on his chest with teeth on his throat. Without my husbands help I would not had a chance to get my dog off the bloke. My other bitch flew trough two glass windows last winter when our adult son come home. She had not met him before and he was stepping inside the house without forewarning. Fortunately he had thick leader jacket on and did not get hurt before my husband got her away from him. She is still very suspicious and do not trust on him. My Little Diva, the smallest of the dogs, got somehow outside when we had a chimney-sweep climbing down from the roof. In a second she jumped on him, turned him down and actually bet him several times. When I got her off she still refused let her grip of poor fellows hand. This accident cost our insurance company quite a bit money. But it was an accident, she accidentally got out from the house. But it did not ease the quilt I felt for the poor bloke. As said - these has been misunderstandings from my dogs behalf. I do not desire to see what they may accomplish in real danger .[/quote] AND "I happen to be professional behavior therapist. And have been working with different rescue animals - mostly dogs and horses almost three decades. So I do believe that I till this day know what I am dealing with. " :?: :?: :?: I'd offer that your not very Objective & Realistic about your own dog's behavior.
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