Comment to 'Training vs Temperment'
  • [quote=Meriam] Something I have to correct, I am a psychotherapist. I am not specialized on animals - although I do have worked also with rescue animals with behavior problems during almost three decades.[/quote] Ma'am with all do respect, you are soliciting advice on a dog forum...and in all fairness you didn't tell anybody what your backround was. That being said I respect your expertise as psychotherapist...however, we are not talking about abused children. A certain amount of your professional experience may apply, but I sense that your approach is clinical as if they were humans...and that just won't work. Your education is not designed to treat animals. Nor should it be applied to animals as if they were the same...I am sure you understand this. You are being very presumptious and arrogant to think that you know what you are doing, because you help people. You are out of your league, dealing with these dogs. Your arrogance as already got one man mauled...and almost got your son claim responsibility, but aren't taking responsibility to get them into a program with a skilled "animal" professional !!!!!!! How many more people have to get hurt ???? Before you get it. I'll give you that you seem to understand what your animals are thinking...but you do not understand how to correct their behavior..."these poor little darlings" empathy is not what they is only what somebody needs to effectively begin their training. It is a two part have the first part, but you are missing the second part!!! Professional Dog Training specifically dealing with Traumatized Behavior Problems. Here's the last thing that I will say, do you believe you could rescue...say a Mountain Lion, or a Bear, or a Wolf, because you are a psychotherapist ??? Why then would you presume the same about dogs who have been bred to kill these animals ???? As for what you lack realism or objectivity??? BOTH
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