Comment to 'Training vs Temperment'
  • [quote=Meriam]May I ask which part of my opinion I do lack of realism or objectivity? ... ...I do have worked also with rescue animals with behavior problems during almost three decades.[/quote] Anyone with 30 years in dogs, anybreed, recue or not should know enough about what they are working with to NOT put the dog or people in harms way. The way you wrote you post you seem to make excuses for the behavior. I don't feel that is being objective. The drunken bloke incident - You have 30 years experience, you should know at this point how much dog you can or can not handle. Any dominate breed dog capible of being a manstopper require higher level of responciblity. EVEN when talking a casual walk to the post box. The broken glass incident - Are you telling me this dog never, ever, hit a door or window at a precieved threat prior to this incident? Are you telling me with your 30 years experience the thought never crossed your mind that a LGD might do something like this? Or that you've never heard of this behavior? The Chimney-sweep - You acknowledge you error and every one invoulved was extremely fortunate. Had the Sweep be severly mauled or worse. I don't think your 30 years of experience would have faired well with a jury of your peers. Your level of precaution and objectivity is not what I would expect from a person with your experience level.
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