Comment to 'Training vs Temperment'
  • Let me try another tac... I personally have trained protection dogs, have handled guard dogs that have never been given a correction in their life ( that's what makes them guard dogs they are supremely alpha ) I have trained obedience...professionally I mean people pay me, I was an assistant trainer for many years prior to that. I worked Man/Dog Patrol, I was in the military, I was in Law Enforcement, I am a Certified Protection Specialist ( Bodyguard ) I understand what dogs think...most of the time, I understand what they are trying to communicate...again, most of the time....and I would not begin to presume that with all my experience I could train these dogs by myself !!!! I would want some help!!! I'll bet Platz with all his experience would also want some help...I would want to bring them to someone who specializes in LGD's and in behavior problems. Someone who has been educated specifically to train dogs and correct their behavior...not just understand it! I'll give you that, you understand your dogs behavior, and from the sounds of it, are doing a fair job with the stop being so impressed by your education and get some help with them! You obviously do not know it all, so stop wasting time on a forum giving yourself the illusion of getting help...and get some real professional help with your dogs.... And you still haven't answered the question...would we be having this discussion if your bitch had actually got to your son and mauled him??? I think not, you might have then realized you need some help with these dogs! I hope and pray it doesn't come to that.
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