Comment to 'Training vs Temperment'
  • [quote=Platz"][quote="EsqCaucasians"][quote="Platz] Now going forward you know for a fact that you can not physically control that male dog when it goes into defence mode. So how are you going to deal with him in public now?[/quote] Head halter with a light leash parallel to regular leash and collar will give power steering.[/quote] That might just the the most irresponcxible advice I've ever read in regaurding handling an a high defence drive dog. The male dog in question, in the owners own words,......... "Before I realised my dog jumped on him and I flew as a leaf after. The chap flew on his back with my dog laying on his chest with teeth on his throat. Without my husbands help I would not had a chance to get my dog off the bloke. " We all have contributions we can offer this community. When it comes to importing dogs and marketing a Kennel.....Your're the 1st person I want to read. Your're out of your element in discusions about practical application of Gaurd & PP work. Please, before your advice gets some one hurt.... [color=red]STOP[/color] [/quote] Try to be more civil. You asked about "dealing" with a dog in public, not guard and pp work. I suggested adding a second collar to the first, a head halter in addition to the choke collar, with two leashes, the leash from the halter a light line so the two leashes together are not bulky. That way the dog can be gotten safely to training classes, vet, etc. If the situation is even more dire, a dog can be additionally muzzled and/or choke collar traded for a prong collar. For your information, I successfully rescue and rehome LGD for years and use the double leash with choke collar and head halter together very well. I also import ADULT dogs from Russia. Used correctly the double leash, choke (or prong for very strong dogs) + halter, gives excellent control over a dog without having to use alot of muscle power which I don't care to ever have to exert on my end of the leash. These dogs can still manage damage wearing a muzzle alone, unless there is control to the top of the muzzle. Same principle as controlling a horse. If you are saying that this dog shouldn't ever go in public again then state that instead of asking "how" in a question, then jumping down my throat for offering a practical solution to the question of "how" it can be done.
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