Comment to 'Training vs Temperment'
  • [quote=JackBull]Stacey, are you being purposely obtuse??? You yourself reccomend training..."professional training" ALL we are trying to say is just that get some professional help...the OP is obviously in over her head here... Are we all reading and speaking English here, she has had one attack and two very close calls....STOP glossing over it...noone is saying she shouldn't own the dogs or that she should put them down. We are saying OK you can train your dogs, you have some expertise...GREAT, now get some help with them....before something really nasty happens....are we missing the point that there has been one mauling, already????? Are we missing that her own son almost fell victim to a second????? Are we missing that her neighbor was pinned and held down by the throat...and she wouldn't have been able to get the dog off if her husband wasn't home....They are rescue dog's...nobody is knocking your breed, stop taking it as bad press for your breed...have some objectivity, Miriam , you still haven't answered my question...what would be talking about if your bitch had gotten to your son???? Would we be discussing how you can get control of the situation yourself???? or would be talking about getting some help...why is it an insult to seek some professional help with your troubled dogs????? My people are all nuts. I promise this is my last post on this subject...unless OP solicits my advice I will not offer it...which more and more seems like a good idea on this's not a pissing contest, I gain nothing, I am not trying to be the smartes dog person out there...I don't need to compete with anyone for what I know about dogs. I am only trying to help the OP deal with her dogs as I read the situation from her posts. PERIOD END OF STORY...TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT...But for the love of God, Stop acting like it is some kind of an attack on you or your breed ....all of you.[/quote] Giving practical head halter advice isn't "glossing" over things, or something to yell at me about. Realistic not obtuse. The owner has pretty much already indicated nicely she isn't inclined to the training advice and doesnt seem to be answering the inquisition. But, maybe owner will read the part about head halters, purchase one for 20 bucks at the local pet store when she picks up dog food, and use it. Professional training isn't going to happen this minute or overnight anyway, a head halter solution can be instituted immediately. Safety consciousness, and longterm solutions do not preclude quick fix immediate practical solutions too. Any Ovcharka out of control effects all Ovcharka breed owners because it is such a small group. These breeds respond readily to pressure on top of the muzzle and when they feel control exerted by owner, and they change their attitude toward owner with view toward owner leadership that carries over to all situations.
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