Comment to 'Training vs Temperment'
  • [quote=desiree]I dont think that it doesnt matter how much you train your dog.The moment you are out of sight (example upstairs what ever) he will give a natural reaction and if that reaction is attack than there is nothing you can do about it than lock your dog when you are not there. At night when i am a sleep and my sonn comes home and he thinks there is something wrong he will react no matter how much you trained him but this doesnt only count for a co also for other breeds. Can we count on them that they always make the right decision if something is a tread yes or no.I cant even do that myself. You cant ever trust a dog no matter what breed.[/quote] Fuuny, I can leave the house, be gone for hous and knock on the door and my dog will not bark. I open the door and there she stands tail wagging. The same goes for my wife, my daughter and my mother in law. but if anyone she does not know attempts the same act she'll bark. My dog would never react adversly to when my daughter comes home. I guess I have a smart one :)
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