Comment to 'Training vs Temperment'
  • wow... i didnt know that a lady losing 2 prior dogs was a target for another person to attack her. This really shows the quality of people we are dealing with here guys. How high class and cosmo of you brad. But, at the end of the day, it will always be a good day, to NOT be you. Des,forget what this person has written here. He doesnt have the class to keep things like this in good taste. he doesnt need to knwo WHY the others didnt work, only that they didnt work out, and it AUTOMATICALLY is due to irresponsibilty or stupidity on your part. That fact remains, youhave found your co that DOES work out for you, and is a healthy dog, so be happy about that. Dont let people like brad and people of his stature get to you, or get you down. Mike
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