Comment to 'Walking the Pack'
Comment to Walking the Pack
  • [quote="Xamen13"]however, the dog picks up on your body language, not your "energy." The mental state of a person simply effects the way you walk, carry yourself and how you deal with situations when they arise and that is what the dog reacts to.[/quote] Yes, the dogs pick up on our body language. But even though I don't know much about this, aren't our bodies made of positively and negatively charged particles and we emit a magnetic field (energy field) that can be sensed by animals (and instruments.)? I don't remember where, but I saw a documentary about the relationship between dogs and humans and it was amazing how a dog would react differently when their owner entered the room (behind a blind) vs. when the owner wasn't there! On both cases the dog could not see the owner but somehow it knew he was there. It is true person's state of mind reflects in its body language, but i don't discard the possibility that dogs and other animals are able to feel the energy we exude (through vibrations, etc.) This is also related to animals' abilities to sense when natural disasters will strike. ALV
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