Comment to 'Walking the Pack'
Comment to Walking the Pack
  • [quote=Paco]Just like all of the rest of the reality shows, you only see on TV what they want you to see and people that blindly believe that everything he does is great and every dog that he comes in contact with is helped are fooling themselves. [/quote] That's a very real point. I am still curious to see some numbers about how many cases haven't been a success as opposed to how many are. [blockquote]Cesar Milan is merely the hispanic version of Kohler but much worse. [/blockquote] He uses a "politically correct" and watered-down version of the Koehler method, spiced up with "power phrases" to make it seem more mystical and so that most of the stupid Californians he's dealing with will understand the idea he's trying to convey to them. I'll agree that he's much worse only in the sense that, as Sbates pointed out, he is very quick to label everything a dominance issue.
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