Comment to 'Walking the Pack'
Comment to Walking the Pack
  • Well at least he offered the dog a bit of cheese. I didn't think the man was capable of positive reinforcement. While I applaud Mr Milan for seizing the American Dream and getting paid to teach people common sense, when it comes to dog behavior, I wish folks like Dr. Ian Dunbar or Jean Donaldson got the spotlight instead. I am not the only one with this opinion... "He’s a charming, one-man wrecking ball directed at 40 years of progress in understanding and shaping dog behavior and in developing nonpunitive, reward-based training programs, which have led to seeing each dog as an individual, to understand what motivates it, what frightens it and what its talents and limitations are. Building on strengths and working around and through weaknesses, these trainers and specialists in animal behavior often work wonders with their dogs, but it takes time." Read more...
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