Comment to 'Montana: Wolves devastate ranchers’ sheep '
  • [quote1251817786=Wolf][quote1251817831=Astibus][quote1251758301=Wolf]Yeah, but why bother when you get paid $350 a pop for the loss of sheep, right?[/quote1251758301]Yes, very true. But for one, other Montanans don't like this "let the government fix our mistakes" mentality, and second these sheep ranchers want the entire wolf packs eradicated, which ill upset many environmentalists (outside of the State of Montana). So I think some kick-butt LGDs could do wonders there - and save the wolves ..... probably for hunters to shoot for sporting reasons, ... but you get the idea. :)[/quote1251817831]Oh, we're totally on the same page. I was just being facetious. ;)[/quote1251817786] Oh, I totally caught your insinuation of sarcasm. :) And I agree that this might just have been the thought process of those ranchers, especially considering that $350 per buck is way above today's market value. By using your facetious comment I thought I could further elaborate on why this "easy way out" isn't necessarily such a hot idea. :) Dan
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