Comment to 'Why These Million Dollar Dogs Are Now Being Tossed Away'
    1. I heard about that. It’s happened since 2013.The Tibetan Mastiff birthland is Qinghai-Tibetan plateau .Above two thousand meters above sea level .People love them because of they are tall ,ferocious and loyal.Some people think they are token of status of rich people .So people push the price went through the roof.When the Tibetan Mastiff go to the plain they cannot stay well like before, and sometimes they hurt people.After the frenzy ,people are coming down to reason,started stop to rear Tibetan Mastiff .So their price getting lower,from million dollars to hundred dollars.Even like this no much people want to rear their now .The owner can’t afford the food then throw them away .They becomes stray dogs.Can seen everywhere in Qinghai-Tibetan plateau .
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