Ivan H Plauchu

  • 1973


Seymour, Montana, 1920
He entered a farm and the police shot him, it's not about sport hunting.
The second was shot down in 1935 in Flint, Michigan: Even after being gutted, he weighed 82 pounds. Height 97.5 cm, nose-tail length 237.5 cm.
the story about the maximum size of wolves - here is part of the documentation from the University of Caen, prof. Moriceau, relating to the 100-pound female wolf shot down in Mayenne, France, in 1886.

Lucius Byron Nash with his bulldog aboard the USS Roanoke 1917/1919

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Molossers, and working dogs of the world with ancient roots.

Molossers, and working dogs of the world with ancient roots.

Genetics in the dogs

Source: National Geographic 

Tipo Lobo = Wolf dogs

Pastores = Shepherds

Cazadores = Hunters

Tipo Mastín = Mastiff and Dogges

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Dogs in Argentin, begining of the XX Century

The first mention in Greece of the Indian dog 


Medelian Mastiff in Russia, begining of XX Century

According some records, were brough to Russia from Milan, Italy, the territory of the Cane Garouf