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Jean-Baptiste Oudry (Paris 1686–1755)
"Hyena Attacked by Two Dogs" 1739

In France, the combat with dogues was very popular, up to the begining of the XX Century.


Holliwood Beauty


Charles V against the protestants . (may of 1552; escape because of the protestant coalition under the command of  Maurice of the Saxons from Innsbruck to Villach)


Carl Borromäus Andreas Ruthart (1630 1703) Bear Hunt with Mastiffs

German Boar HoundJOHANN HEINRICH WILHELM TISCHBEIN VIER HUNDE 1806 1807"  by Johan Heinrich Wilhelm  1807

Bulldog, Mastiff, Lurcher, Dachshunds and hound, by Johan Heinrich Wilhelm  

 José Bermudo Mateos Ceres 1853 -1920, Zagal with Mastiff (Zagal were the young shepherds in Spain)

Italian cane da presa 1900, with carbin soldiers

Alano in the Battle of Pavia, Italy, when the Spanish defeated France, loosing Naples, Artois, Flemish Dutchland and Borgogne

portrait, seated boy with dog, 1870

Detail of a frieze decorating a Greek black-figured column krater representing a group of naked men with spears and dogs hunting a wild boar; principal scene of the "Hunt krater", made in Corinth ca. 570 B.C.. Watercolour by A. Dahlstein, 1760/1780 (?).

1900 circa,Napoli, cane da capraio (goat shepherd dog - Cane corso)

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