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Calabrian Cane Corso working bloodlines (Linea di sangue calabrese Solo sangue amaro)
Vintage... 1905 Gracie's Miss Edith, Dog Show 1915 1890 Henry Bernard Chalon (1770 - 1845) "Pugs" Cerchia di Paul de Vos (1595-1678) "Chiens attaqués par un sanglier" George Morland (1763/1804) "Dogs Fighting"
Grece, Vth Century BC
Christoforo de Castelli, italian monk in 1632-1654 as part of a mision in Georgia, this are some of his prints
Wolf bronce, door of Tiberius house
This particular dogs, belongs to a cattleman, he used English Bulldogs, Boxer bitch and Cabezudos (a kind of fila dogs) to create his own edition of the Bulldog Campeiro.
Jean-Baptiste Oudry (Paris 1686–1755)"Hyena Attacked by Two Dogs" 1739 In France, the combat with dogues was very popular, up to the begining of the XX Century.  
Charles V against the protestants . (may of 1552; escape because of the protestant coalition under the command of  Maurice of the Saxons from Innsbruck to Villach)  
Carl Borromäus Andreas Ruthart (1630 1703) Bear Hunt with Mastiffs
German Boar HoundJOHANN HEINRICH WILHELM TISCHBEIN VIER HUNDE 1806 1807"  by Johan Heinrich Wilhelm  1807
Bulldog, Mastiff, Lurcher, Dachshunds and hound, by Johan Heinrich Wilhelm  
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