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I did some quick research this morning. Please check these out and see if any draws your attention. humm, maybe it is time for me to resurrect my MolosserBreeders website. :) Catahoula: Blue Sky FarmLouis & Judy Smith549 ACR 183Elkhart, TX 75839 903-764-0240 http://www.blueskycatahoulas.com/contactus.htm Johnson Bulldogs Not sure if John Johnson is still breeding:731-217-5281dixie@johnjohnsonkennels.com American Bulldogs warriorbulldogs@gmail.com Christine Wills, (Fort Worth, Texas location) 817-703-4020Eddie Young, (Moody, Texas location) 254-855-6417   Heritage Style American Bulldog Chad DunnCell# 405-613-0778=Lexington, OK heritagestylebullies@gmail.com                  
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In case you missed the answer to your post.  https://molosserdogs.com/page/view-discussion?id=1424  
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Looking for some advice. I love in Central Texas where we have more hot days than cold. What medium sized molossers do best in hot weather? 
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