Frederick IIIrd, Schleswig-Holstein-Gottorp Duke (1597-1659) with his Broholmer.
Paul Savenitus (Pauli Sanctini Ducensis): Tractatus de re militari et de machinis bellicis, ca. 1.330 a 1.340 . The book is named "Codex Latinus Parisinus - Ms. Lat. 7239, pholio 61r ”, and can be found in the Biblioteque National de France, Manuscripts department. in the pholio 22v contains an image of the same dog running, with the fire bowl (Ignis). the pholio 13v reproduce 3 big Alan Gentil". Is the first time in history that the word Alani can be read in a book. The refference of the Danks Hunde is older. That´s another history...
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Aboriginal Azerbaijain Mountain dog
ALABAŞ Alabaşlar ALABAŞ Puppies One of the most common types of shepherd dogs in Azerbaijan is the Alabash. Their general color structure is mainly variegated (white-yellow, white-brown, black-and-white). Although they are similar in shape to a wormhole, they differ in their professional approach. These dogs are more common mainly in mountainous areas and are much smaller than the wolf type. The most common area is the Karabakh zone, Dashkasan, Gadabay, Kalbajar, as well as in the southern mountain villages of the Lerik region. Like the Kurdbasar type, this species is mixed with other breeds by farmers. It should be noted that the type we call kurdbasar also has bright colors. However, it is not right to confuse this color and body structure with alabaster. In the examples below, we show you some pictures of alabaster dogs. We took many of these examples during our visit to Lerik. It should also be noted that beautiful specimens of this genus can be found in the villages inhabited by border Azerbaijanis in the territory of southern Azerbaijan. Loyalty to its owner, its ruthlessness towards wolves, and the similarity of its skeletal structure are indications that they come from the same lineage as we call them wolves. However, according to the habitat, dogs have certain differences in color and structure. We hope that scientific research will be conducted on this work and the restoration of our national dog breeds will be carried out with more accurate evidence.
Azerbaijan Khizi district, while preparing Kurdbasars for the dogs
Aboriginal Osetian Caucasian Ovcharkas (Alania Republic) The dog fighting dogs, have received Saint Bernards and Mastiffs blood in the 60-70´s decades according some Ovcharcas Breeders. Dog fighters do not follow the same breeding system than the Shepherd of the Caucasus. In the 70´s the aboriginal dogs height at the withers was 29 inches and seldom 32 inches tall.

Interesting website about the aboriginal Caucasian Owcharkas before the existance of the Caucasian Owcharca as they are in this times, it is in Russian language, but you can translate it in english in your browser to read it in english. Attached is an Ossetian (Alaunt-Owcharca of this times) photo The Osetians are the moder Alan people absorben in Spain Africa and mediterranean Islands. The Genetic Haplogroup of the Osetians can be tracked in those countries.