Molossers and working dogs of the world.

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Molossers, and working dogs of the world with ancient roots.

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  • I wonder where to find any of the rustic Alano Espanols these days. Do you know of a breeding program or preservation group that is doing anything to bring this breed back to its former glory as a working dog?

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    • Yep! The CDAE in Spain, is promoting the true working Alano, are very meticulous with the character and behavior of the working Alano capabilities,

      Most of the serious breeders can be reach at this group, obviously some are not serious, since it is a facebook group, 

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      • Many people are working with the Spanish Dogge, which is taken from the dogge type dogs from the Alano Litters, the Villano de las Encartaciones, was the cross between the Chato (Spanish bulldog) with villanos shepherd dogs, so, the recovery from the Alano, was created with this dogs and southern working alanos found in the Spanish Bulls ranchs, and some bitches in Extremadura, and Nieve (snow) a white dogo argentino.

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        • Ivan H Plauchu thank you for that explanation. The recreation/preservation of any breed is a serious undertaking and I wish the breeders the greatest success. The Alano Espanol is a powerful molosser and well worthy of recovery.

          In a general note - I do not spend time on FaceBook hence why I keep paying in money and time for this site. I do have an account on FB but only use it for the login credentials on here if someone wants to login with FB. I am trying to keep this site about serious dog enthusiasts and the Molossers.

          I am happy you are here and posting such wonderful and historic information. 

          Thank you!

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        • his group belongs to the Spanish Cinophilia of that country

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          • Thank you

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