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One of our most dog savvy members made a very thought provoking post "Changed my mind, there is no such thing as Mastiff". Tony's very powerful post prompted me to take a snippet and post it here to generate some discussion.

@tony @tonedog .

Here goes... quote from Tony.

"Neapolitan mastiff - Bulldog. The neapolitan mastiff and cane corso were assuredly one in the same dog before the early 1900s, and this dog was simply italy's answer to the alano espanol. A bull catching dog. It likely was rarely 100 lbs, usually less. Even in the usa in the 1970s the italian immigrants in new york still called them bulldogs. "

Share your thoughts.

@Kevin and Debby Nicholson thanks for sharing this. The wolves don't seem afraid as the one on the ground xontinue eating and the others are trying.

Would be a different story if that male had help from other .

@Ricky B Buffalo that is an impressive . Great protector for your boy. Thanks for posting these photos. On we love seeing our members dogs and discussing temperament and function. Welcome here.

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