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Presa Canario

Those that own and breed.

How is this breed in hot Florida weather?

Can it hike or run for 5 to 10 miles in summer or be winded and unable to continue?

I've been viewing different breeders and seeing Presas weighing anywhere from 80 lbs to 160 lbs. What is a good Presa in shape and able to guard what weight in your opinion?

Can it get along with other dogs if raised with them as a pup?

Also owning more that one Presas any issues?

What breeders are excellent breeders of the Presa?


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    • This is a great question and I will wait for @eliteguardianpresa to chime in. The UKC puts minimum weight for a male is 100 and female is 85. To keep the dog functional I would recommend staying close to those minimums.

      Also @feerrios  could share his knowledge on this topic.

    • hi there , i just seen the post ,

      in this breed is fundamental that you ask those questions , i have send 3 presas to Florida, the 3 of them have been doing very well , also have 3 in the Texas heat! black ones in coat , they do fine also ,

      have to mention that they do come from a working stock , most aren too heavy but not small also , our females can reach 120 lbs , no problem and most of our males get to 135-155 the biggest.

      2 in Florida are doing protection work and one is hog hunting also. this is tango D'7islas

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