EGP Pretty Girl Sasha and MQH Paul playing

Paul and Sasha are playing in the yard . Before they played they were hunting. They checked garage the flower beds, and by the trash can. If anything was there they were determined to find it. After they were sure the yard was clear of pest they began playing. Even though the Patterdale Terrier instinct is to hunt and they are hard on their prey they can settle down in the home. Therefore they are great pets too.

It is a joy to watch these little guy work and do what the were bred to do. The judges and other dog owners love to watch these guys hunt. One judge even told me they are surprised they let me leave with my dogs. She loves

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    • How is she doing now - still pulling?

      • She’s great. I haven’t done any pulling with her in a while. But I was thinking if it .

        • A week or two ago I had Sasha and Paul outside playing. They were chasing each other. Paul was trying to breed her. She was only interested in playing. She has a very high ball drive. They got a ball. Both were trying to get it. The ball went under a car. They couldn't get under the car. I could literally see her go into prey drive. It was like a light switch. She started digging and totally lost where she was. She was not going to leave it and not stop until she got it. You would have soon a groundhog or some other quarry was in there. She got half of her body under the car. Paul went around the back of the car and got the

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