Comment to 'Puppy Contracts - Good or Bad?'
  • I think contracts are useful. But I'm not entirely sure they are enforceable. They can be used to qualify and screen potential puppy owners.

    • I think the main problem with the contracts is that there is no real way to ensure that all the terms of the contract are met. Specifically, some contracts will have stipulations about breeding, spay, neuter, feeding, right of return, training and other stipulations that for the most part the breeder will never know if the stipulations are met. lets say a breeder on the East coast of the USA ships a pup under contract to a buyer in Oregon (West coast of USA) how will the breeder know what is being done contractually? virtually impossible unless the buyer decides to share that info.

      This is a tricky one.

      • Unfortunately this is the truth. It doesn’t have to be across the country. It happens in your backyard. I personally know of a dog that was sold as a pet. I know the breeder. We aren’t friends but she is ethical. A guy called me wanting to breed to my male. I asked some questions. I knew who he said was the breeder. He said that she’s never been bred. I met him. I knew the dog had been bred. I saw the dog was pet quality. I called the breeder up. She told me he wasn’t supposed to breed the dog. He hung papers on it. She said for me to take that dog from him. Give it back to her. I know she give an honest critique of her dogs. But it wasn’t my place to get that involved. I never heard from him again. I don’t know if she ever recovered the dog.