Comment to 'Feeding a Raw Diet'
  • We had raw diet for our dogs once. They ended up vomiting and being very passive. They spend a two days in a clinic and after that we only order hills prescription diet food for sensitive stomachs from pet meds online. They feel much better now and we are not going back to raw again.

    • Hi @ellielo Thank you for sharing your experience. Though raw feeding is not for everyone and probably not every dog, I would like to know more as it may guide our recommendation to others. We have very large dogs and have been feeding Raw since 2003 with no issues and many benefits.

      What dogs dogs do you have? What was your raw food ingredients and preparations?

      I have a friend who buys his raw food ready made from some online store for his two Alaskan Malamutes. They are on it for 8 years now.

      • I'm interested in knowing how did you introduce your dog to raw? Most dogs have sensitive stomachs. When introducing a different meal it is vital that you start slowly. If not they may get an upset stomach. It's not because it was raw. Most likely because how it was introduced. You start be mixing what they normally eat with a small portion of new food. Maybe after a couple days of doing this a little of the regular and more of the new. Continue this pattern until all the food is new. Then you can see how the dog responds to the food. You add variety one at a time following the same schedule. You can tell which food the dog was good with or allergic to.