Comment to 'Presa Canario Club of America'
  • Preserving the breed's health and future is great but no where in that announcement was form and function mentioned. I do hope the Parent Club take it seriously and work vigorously to protect the breed's function and form.

    @eliteguardianpresa works and trains his dogs and is a great steward of the breed. Please stay true to the breed and don't let the new found popularity pull you down the money trail.

    @mastini-mayhem knows the pressure that the recognition can put on breeders and the dogs. 🐕

    Congratulations to our fanciers on the recognition by the .

    • While I do believe the parent company want to preserve the breed as a working breed. My issue is with breeders. Many are breeding to what they like. Many more are breeding towards what they know and believe the public wants. Now we have many exaggerated examples instead of that being rare. An excessive size Presa loses its function. Also, breeders are breeding dogs like blue Presa. They charge more for it saying it's rare. The public buys it up believing they are getting something great. In reality it is not standard. It is a disqualifying fault.