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When we lived in Virginia and started showing it was mainly with ARBA and Rarities Inc. (now International Canine Kennel Club). We also showed with IABCA when the shows were in North Carolina. I am a big fan of ARBA as it was ran by Robert and Clarice - Great people who genuinely loved the dogs and the ability to bring rare breed fanciers together.

John and Rita from ICKC are also very nice people and as passionate as Robert at ARBA. I have checked their site to see what's happening but it appears that there are not many shows scheduled. That is too bad.

One of the issues I had with all the organizations is their use of AKC judges. Believe it or not - those judges don't know your breed as good as you do unless they have owned, bred and trained the same. It is like saying if you own American Bulldogs you know all there is to know a bout the Canario or Cane or an extreme example - you are a GSD judge and thus qualified to judge and Central Asian .. .. crazy.

These two groups should realize the dog is perfectly flawed. It doesn’t need to be improved. The only thing they will do is to exaggerate the problem with puppy peddlers. Every dog has flaws. You can’t breed the flaws out. No line will produce the perfect show or working dog. This has been proven time and time again. The so-called working line does not guarantee that a new pup will be a great working dog. Neither does a so-called show line guarantee that the new pup will be best in show.

Well said! I wish many more dog enthusiasts though the way you dog. Another group of people profess to preserve their breed of choice, but this is also incorrect as they make their tweaks through selective breeding to get their version of the perfectly "preserved" dog.

The best way to preserve a breed is to restore them to their normal functions and encourage the performance of such functions in habitats suitable for their work. Many of the functions of dogs were transferred by modern methods of living, farming, and controlling animals and brigands through fencing and urban sprawl.

@eliteguardianpresa @Elite Guardian Presa keep up your great work with the   I hope people looking for a Presa Canario will seriously consider your program and if they meet your requirements take home a functional, stable dog.

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At Elite we look for dogs and presa puppies with excellent pedigrees that produce after or better than themselves. We plan to continue adding champions to both sides of the pedigree for the improvement of the breed. Conformation is not the only thing we care about, the breed was made to work so that's what we intend to do. Although working and conformation are nice, but healthy dogs are also important. We like dogs that are OFA or Penn-hip certified to reduce the chances of hip dysplasia. In the early stages of the pups life activities like excessive jumping and forced running should be limited as this can contribute to hip dysplasia more than genetics

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Our mission is to first give our Perro de the best quality of life. All of our dogs are members of our family. Our dogs are handled daily to insure they get the attention they want and need. We socialize our dogs as often as possible to maintain a healthy and stable temperament.

Preserving the breed's health and future is great but no where in that announcement was form and function mentioned. I do hope the Parent Club take it seriously and work vigorously to protect the breed's function and form.

@eliteguardianpresa works and trains his dogs and is a great steward of the breed. Please stay true to the breed and don't let the new found popularity pull you down the money trail.

@mastini-mayhem knows the pressure that the recognition can put on breeders and the dogs. 🐕

Congratulations to our fanciers on the recognition by the .

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Thanks for sharing this photo. Very nice brace of Presas there.