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Elite Guardian Presa is a small hobby breeder of the Perro De Presa Canario in Missouri. Our goal is to produce Presa Canarios with correct conformation and working ability. As a Presa Canario puppy breeder we plan to preserve the breed standard and temperament for many years to come. The Presa is a working dog. Our dogs compete in conformation, obedience, and other working trials. We expect our dogs to reproduce other dogs after themselves or better. We expect our presas to be loyal family guardians. They should be healthy dogs with stable temperaments. We like for our dogs to be or either OFA or PennHIP certified. We take the time and effort to train all of our dogs and have them tested and evaluated by a panel of judges before any dog is bred. Our dogs are champions. Our dogs have earned their AKC CGC. They are at a minimum of trained in basic obedience. We have a limited number a presa puppies litters a year. We believe in quality over quantity.

The Perro de Presa Canario is a physically imposing animal. Presas are known for their ability as a Working Dog. They are distrustful of strangers, but tolerant when the situation dictates. They are excellent companion dogs as well as fearless Family Guardians,. The Presa Canario requires early socialization and training. Many presas share their homes with birds, cats, dogs, reptiles and other animals. Many compete in Schutzhund, Agility, Iron Dog, and other obedience trials. Some even compete in dock diving. They are very versatile. Our home is protected by presa canarios and yours can be too.

Pictured above are several generations of Presa Champions. The presas pictured here have produced other presa puppies after themselves or better. Many people talk about show quality dogs or champions in the pedigree. Our dogs are Champions! We have Elite Presas for the Elite Owners.

Presa Canario Puppies occasionally available

E-Mail: eliteguardianpresa@yahoo.com | Phone: +1-(314)-575-1401

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We believe in showing and working our dogs to bring only the best of form and function to the breed.

Akira looks intelligent, calm, and able to defend when needed. 🎯

Wow - what a passenger you've got there...

At Elite we look for dogs and presa puppies with excellent pedigrees that produce after or better than themselves. We plan to continue adding champions to both sides of the pedigree for the improvement of the breed. Conformation is not the only thing we care about, the breed was made to work so that's what we intend to do. Although working and conformation are nice, but healthy dogs are also important. We like dogs that are OFA or Penn-hip certified to reduce the chances of hip dysplasia. In the early stages of the pups life activities like excessive jumping and forced running should be limited as this can contribute to hip dysplasia more than genetics

Diet and exercise is an important part of our daily routine. We try to come as close to natural as possible and give our dogs a better quality blend giving them a better looking coat and to build strong bones and muscle mass. We choose to use high quality dogs foods such as Blue Buffalo and Native 4 and 5. Additionally, we add brown rice, raw carrots, raw chicken, green tripe, etc. for a healthy well-balanced diet. Note carrot are used as treats to help keep their teeth clean.

Good looking dogs. Congrats to the trainers...

This Organization is coming along nicely. :)

Our mission is to first give our Perro de the best quality of life. All of our dogs are members of our family. Our dogs are handled daily to insure they get the attention they want and need. We socialize our dogs as often as possible to maintain a healthy and stable temperament.

Some days we like to go for early and late night walks with our Presa companions by our side. Our simple attempts to get our dogs some exercise usually lead to empty sidewalks because other pedestrians move towards the street, while passing cars stop traffic just to get a second glance at our majestic friends and Elite Guardians.

It’s nice to enter dog shows and have other great handlers shower us with compliments on how we have some of the most well behaved dogs they have seen. It’s very rewarding to hear statements from several judges who have traveled to 26 different counties to judge dogs shows and be told that we have some of the best Presa Canarios they have seen in the country.

For Elite Guardian Presa the constant admiration just isn't enough. We like to push our standards to higher levels because we expect great things from our dogs.

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