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    They look like the Russian show Caucasian Ovcharka at a glance, as tall but not nearly so heavy and stocky. If you run your hand along their sides in the thick fur they have a decent tuck up, flat deep rib cage, not as much mass as the show type even the shoulder is lean. Its like a large hound with a mastiff face, but somehow very nicely balanced. Some said they have a head like a hyaena, but I dont think so, it's a very big powerful jaw though. Nice angulation generally, though one female has hind legs tending towards the straight side, it doesn't seem to affect her athleticism at all. They're heavy strong dogs though, heavy bone, one swipe of a paw can knock you sideways, very powerful forearms. The male weighs in at around 65+kg and is about 70-cm tall and the females not as tall though I haven't been able to weigh them properly, this a vet estimate for heart-worm.

    One is all red merging to a darker red almost black on its flanks with a white chest and lighter feathering which is incredibly pretty, good pigment, she is also the most feisty when it comes to strange dogs, though they all are she gets particularly stressed,  the rest are that typical black, white chested, grey pointed wolf like colour with a dark mask.

    They moult once a year in Spring and don't re-grow their lovely thick winter coat again properly until late autumn, in summer they look quite sleek with just neck mane ear tufts and feathering. We do a fair bit of brushing in the spring to help strip the undercoat, this tidies them up a bit or everything comes off in long strips and drabs like a sheep. They appreciate this as Spring very quickly becomes quite balmy. Through summer they seem quite comfortable but happy to lie in this shade like any dog. They are immune to bad weather and will happily lie about even in light rainy conditions or tear around in a thunderstorm or heavy rain, they just don't seem to care about wet, cold or heat. This might be different if we lived in the middle East that kind of heat we don't get but it can get faily humid.

    Not lazy or low activity dogs by any means, incredibly swift, could easily take down a wolf in a chase, I reckon at least. Just don't stand in their way you will be flattened. While incredibly agile for such a big dog they don't seem to think too much about what's in their way when they have a mission, tearing through almost anything at high speed. A few of the staff here have been flattened as a result. I don't find it a problem once people are aware this can happen, you have to stand aside, simple. Not terribly good around small children or the elderly for this reason, I would say.

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