Comment to 'Akita'
Comment to Akita
  • [quote=wolfie]I have looked at a number of breeds on my journey to find the correct dog. The latest and probably last one I am looking at is the Akita. Many people/breedes state the usual, "This breed had natural guardian instinct" That it is a working dog with real guardian ability. Does anyone have personal experience of this breed and it's ability/traits as a guardian.[/quote] thier not much in the pp department...i had one and he failed his tt test...but that wasn't the reason he was obtained either...he did have a great built in radar for alerting...and the ability to wake up my snoring pp neo to a potential threat :lol: ...then she was the reinforcments...and seemingly the american akitas tend to not tolerate "kids play" as other true guardians...they tend to be more of a rank driven breed and highly dog aggressive... also keep in mind there wasn't any focus in selective breeding for work in developing the am akita either...even though some may have been used in various working other breeds histories, theres alot of romanticism thrown in there...the trainer i worked with had trained some in pp in the 70's and said they were a different duck back in the day...but be a needle in a haystack finding one that has the nerve to do real protection now... out of the working boards i follow...i think i've only seen 1 doing actual pp work... deterrent factor sure, alerting sure...but backing it up in a real sense??...nah...i think they'd rather run out the door when the intruder opened it and explore the neighborhood...i would look elsewhere...
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