Comment to 'American Bulldog - Johnson vs. Scott'
  • I can't take credit for sh!tacular, I must give credit to my good friend Wolf for that one, and many more I shouldn't put here. A breed *can* be set in as little time as the creator thinks it takes. It could be around for 1000 years and never be a breed but a regional type. It would take a massive overhaul of the ENTIRE community involved in the AB for the ab to take the right strides to become something serious in terms of "breed". There is sooooooooooo much more politics, backstabbing, lieing and flat out stealing in the breed for anything progressive to happen. That, and every sucker out there trying to make a quick buck, also every breeder now miraculously had these ancient dogs in their families for 200 years(a bs story banking on the ignorance of the public) and exactly what I've said, any fool can make one. You are hard pressed to find a ghetto or backwoods area that doesn't have a ton of pits, ton of bulldogs and ton of crap being intermixed into oblivion, and are even more hard pressed to find a uniform litter in the AB. As far as the EBT, you have been led astray by the head, there is MUCH more to those demonic little SOBs than you'd think. They are just (usually) so much smarter than their owner, that they dumb down to meet their surroundings. Meet some, you'll change your views, I promise, I did.
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