Comment to 'American Bulldog - Johnson vs. Scott'
  • [quote1320802062=acamper] [quote1320797358=Crnosrce1] Which equalsa not listening to any douche on the street, which in turn is seen as "not as nice of a dog" which is why I said not liking or being nice to just everyone, which is why I'd choose a dog like your Kaiser over ANY gamebred or any APBT for that matter if I were to create an AB. In my opinion, the APBT is over used and over hyped, sorry ain't changing it. [/quote1320797358] I agree TOTALLY with overused AND overhyped. It's like they're superFRIGGINdogs almost Godlike in that NO dog can stand up to them. I feel 99% of the blame falls on the media and THEIR sensationalism of the breed, (Poor raising doesn't help either). EVERYONE, well not everyone but quite a few people feel that APBTs are baby killing, devil dogs, VERY hard to overcome. That is the sole reason that I would bypass ANY APBT, SBT, AMSTAFF and still not sure about the EBT. I have to agree with Mike that I'd be inclined to use a DECENTLY bred EB before one of the bull/TERRIERS. Isn't it the terrier that brings out the aggression and the BULL side the gameness/COURAGE? [/quote1320802062] I have to agree with you on some points here. But let's look at the direction the Ebt has gone vs the apbt. I don't think anyone doubts that finding a good throwback ebt that hasn't gone the show direction is hard to come by. On the other hand there are still countless lines of apbt that are bred for performance. And really to be honest it may in fact come down to a numbers game. Given the number of apbt vs the ebt still bred for performance for countless generations. On the other hand if there were still a high number of ebt bred with strict performance measures it would probably be quite a different story. Again this isn't to say that ebt crosses can't be great working examples. Obviously as Gun is well aware they are quite accomplished in Australia.
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