Comment to 'American Bulldog - Johnson vs. Scott'
  • [quote1320802943=Crnosrce1] Unable to thank, but Thanks to Tonedog in his last post. The EBT, I'm torn, should they remain the little gold mine being over looked, or should they gain their rightful reputation for being gold mines.... I just don't know how I feel about it. The black bulldogs... have been around as long as the breed, it was just culled because they were trying in everyway to distance them from the APBT, by dropping the name "pit" from the original name and any color known to be a give away(blacks, tans with black masks). But they are being sold today as a cash cow... which is both sad and understandable. Sad because they are being reproduced for no other reason, and understandable because people are supporting their families on these mongrels in this day of hard to find jobs. I have seen black dogs on kennel videos from some of the biggest breeders around 15 years ago, I've seen rottweiler and Dobie in Billy Hines kennel video and MANY of the black bulldogs go back to his stock. Jus' sayin' [/quote1320802943] I should have been more clear. There are certainly lines of black bulldogs that have been around forever. And I actually thoroughly enjoy these lines as many are bred for performance.The specific lines I'm referring to have less mouth than a boxer and a very flawed structure. I believe some these kennels to be quite new but also gaining popularity.
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