Comment to 'American Bulldog - Johnson vs. Scott'
  • [quote1320862417=Crnosrce1] Sure, if you want to take the absolute worst shit examples, yes those things happen. Also, extreme features go away in crosses due to genes wanting to take the path of least resistance. It takes a lot of effort to screw a dog up as bad as you are portraying, and a lot of breeding for shit reasons. I've never seen a dogo to be rank, but hey I'm open to it. I also know lines who have used all the aforementioned dogs and turn out just fine. If you don't believe me, that's fine, you're entitled to your opinion. But, why are people so quick to knock any of the other bull breeds than the APBT? Why is it so far out of the ordinary for people to use whatever they had and turned out having great dogs? I just don't get the staunch only pure AB mentality anymore. I do agree with Pauly, go and see as many kennels, dogs and trainers as you can and see if this is the breed you wanna screw around with. Peace and chicken grease [/quote1320862417] I don't believe its about knocking other bull breeds. A good dog is where you find it. And as mentioned other countries have used the Ebt with success. In the states though its much easier to obtain good working performance bred apbts than Ebts. Sure you could probably search long and hard to find a good ebt in the states and probably end up paying much more or settle for a sub par show bred ebt that you'll still pay too much for, or you could import one and pay even more. But why ? If you can obtain an athlete selectivly bred by strict performance measures. Certainly you can find good examples in other bull breeds but some more than others.
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