Comment to 'American Bulldog - Johnson vs. Scott'
  • [quote1320881533=LeeRobinson] ...the APBT wins in performance. [/quote1320881533] You have no way of knowing that. [quote1320881632=Tonedog] The best ebts would probably be the cheapest ones. [/quote1320881632] Not necessarily, especially without qualifying "best" first. The EBT is loved by two groups of people; the folks who love the breed as is and those who love what the EBT brings. Everyone else falls under general dog fan. Crossed and "low type" EBTs are better workers by default, since the "top shelf" pure stuff doesn't get worked in 99% of cases. But a quality EBT is a juggernaut for working dog programmes, it's not rarely employed because it's crap, it's just not as available as the alternatives. That doesn't make the breed awesome or "better than" anything, it's just what's behind it. When EBTs were more available and before BSL and accompanying restrictions forced their fancy to get über-responsible, they were used a LOT. For a lot. The EBT deserved its reputation. Doesn't make it better than anything, it just makes it something. Or at least - more than nothing, opposed to what's routinely being ignorantly spread by pit-fan wannabes. It's just lack of education. P.S. I'd simultaneously agree and disagree with your assessment of any bull-n-terrier being just a bull-n-terrier when crossed regardless of breed. In general, sure. But there are breeds and there are differences, especially in what can be offered in a cross. It's not just little things.
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