Comment to 'American Bulldog - Johnson vs. Scott'
  • To Mr. Alan Camper, I did not mean to sound disrespectful, sorry if it came across that way. I often refer to strangers as do many other folks. If it seems condescending thats on you. I'm glad you're happy with your AB. Frankly, that has nothing to do with anything I've said. I've not tried to sell you on anything. When a person asks a question, usually they are looking for an answer. To get a proper answer often times you're best served by seeing things firsthand. If that somehow is offensive advice, then it'd be a first for me. Right now you're picking at the minutia and missing the meat...which is that your question is too broad to be accurately answered, so a broad response was warranted. Judging by your response, you have no real interest in the answers anyway, so that about does it for me.
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