Comment to 'American Bulldog - Johnson vs. Scott'
  • [quote1320900173=LeeRobinson] [quote1320885227=Wolf] [quote1320881533=LeeRobinson] but if you compare them average to average...the APBT wins in performance. [/quote1320881533] You have no way of knowing that. [/quote1320885227] Only in the dreams of an ostrich that has his head in the sand would someone make such a foolish statement. [/quote1320900173] Not trying to argue one way or the other, just asking. Lee, what do you mean exactly, performance in what? And compared to EBTs exclusively or in general? For example, performance could be relating to bite force, or fighting ability or perhaps even performance in gene penetrance when bred? Or performance in every aspect? I think it's safe to guess you didn't mean show ring performance. But what did you mean? It's not very clear to me. The only comment I'd make at this point is that it's generally very hard to compare average to average of two dog populations. I mean, what's average? Statistically speaking, you'd first have to define two large enough and representative sample sizes to measure what each respective 'average' really entails. Otherwise it's merely a subjective guess, no?
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