Comment to 'LGD's and obedience'
  • My almost two year old CO is really good at learning obedience commands but will only perform them reliably under certain circumstances. If he believes there is a problem then he trusts his own judgment exclusively and will not budge or do what anyone says. He can reliably do commands like "sit", "stay", "kennel", "down", or other such things under neutral conditions. He is also excellent at coordinating his movements with ours like if I say let's go outside, let's go inside, or let's go upstairs, let's go in the car, anything like that then he just trots meekly along. But if I said let's go upstairs and he had to pass a person, even a friend of mine who was standing in the front hall, then there is no way he'd budge even though he knows exactly what the words mean. It would likely require that I ask the person to move out of the dog's line of vision first. Sometimes I think Kodi is the one training us! This is my only experience of an LGD dog but my strong impression is they are both smart and really independent minded, will tend to trust their own judgment over somebody else's opinion in any situation they consider to be serious or important.
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