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LGD's and obedience

Yes, but not as easily as other breeds.
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    • I'm asking this question for future reference so ANY assistance would be appreciated. Are LGD's capable of obedience training? I ask this because I'm interested in the future of perhaps purchasing one, in particular a Kangal. I've heard they have a mind of their own and their ONLY focus is on the job, GUARDING SOMETHING. Can they be a home, personal protector and can you control them? Once again thanks for ANY assistance.
      • Thanks igmuska, that's what I was hoping to hear. I know this is TOUGH, but how much tougher and WHAT way of training, kinda tough, alpha type approach or treat treat positive reinforcement. I would think you need to be tough.
        • Even when you think you have them trained perfectly - they will still surprise you. You must be always vigilant even if you have spent years training your LGD type dog in obedience. The level of difficulty you may have is dependendent on the breed and the line within the breed. Natural working dogs will be more difficult to train and will naturally be less tractable. However, any dog can be trained to do what you want - just takes much more time and reinforecment with some. If you have the time and patience to invest you could train a good Kangal to do what you stated. Just be aware of the difference between the hardware (dogs instinct and heritage) and the software (what you trained them to do). In a stressfull situation they may revert to hardware and thus endeth the peace and tranquility. Give it a go ... good luck.
          • Check out the video, so you will see !!!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CKESgHAsq94
            • Thanks everybody, Realname in the video I saw treats being used. Can someone tell me if THAT'S the way to go or more forceful alpha lead? Thanks again
              • Nice post KJN - I think you nailed it with that explanation for the situations described. Have you ever see an LGD that is in active defense? It is quite a transition and a sight most dog owners would freak about.
                • [quote1311357318=kjn] My almost two year old CO is really good at learning obedience commands but will only perform them reliably under certain circumstances. If he believes there is a problem then he trusts his own judgment exclusively and will not budge or do what anyone says. He can reliably do commands like "sit", "stay", "kennel", "down", or other such things under neutral conditions. He is also excellent at coordinating his movements with ours like if I say let's go outside, let's go inside, or let's go upstairs, let's go in the car, anything like that then he just trots meekly along. But if I said let's go upstairs and he had to pass a person, even a friend of mine who was standing in the front hall, then there is no way he'd budge even though he knows exactly what the words mean. It would likely require that I ask the person to move out of the dog's line of vision first. Sometimes I think Kodi is the one training us! This is my only experience of an LGD dog but my strong impression is they are both smart and really independent minded, will tend to trust their own judgment over somebody else's opinion in any situation they consider to be serious or important. [/quote1311357318] WOW, THIS is outstanding, a VERY good post it tells me SO much about an LGD breed. Was is HARD to get him to this point? I can live with THIS kind of dog, listening to my commands unless a threat is perceived, NOT A PROBLEM.
                  • Thank you, Karen? I'm speaking in future reference and the dog would primarily be a guardian of the home and the work he would get would be in personal protection training plus the daily walks/exercise, I'd hope that THAT would be enough. It would be years but I know it takes LOTS of research to make sure you get the RIGHT dog. Great Pyr and Maremma don't interest me at all because their coats are TOO long and I go crazy from the shedding of my 80 pound AB puppy so 40-50 pounds of MORE hair drives me batty thinking about it. My AB is VERY people oriented and he's getting PP training so I have that covered at this stage, but thanks for the suggestion. It's really down to 2 breeds that interest me, the Kangal and the CAO. When I say years I mean years as I also have plans to move to the country. So thank you again for your input, Gary I'd love to hear some personal experiences from you and you CO even the hair on them is too long for liking also.
                    • Thank you, I'm REALLY glad you chimed in as the visit to YOUR site peaked my interest in the Kangal. I'd watched them from afar impressed but assumed they would FOREVER be priced out of MY range as a teacher. After a visit to your site and your take on the LGD and your battle against the powers that be intrigued me into thinking it's possible to own one in the future. Thank you again and I'd LOVE to hear more about YOUR dealings with LGD's
                      • Thanks again, I DEFINITELY have you in my favorites when the time comes, appreciate the info.
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