Comment to 'LGD's and obedience'
  • Thank you, Karen? I'm speaking in future reference and the dog would primarily be a guardian of the home and the work he would get would be in personal protection training plus the daily walks/exercise, I'd hope that THAT would be enough. It would be years but I know it takes LOTS of research to make sure you get the RIGHT dog. Great Pyr and Maremma don't interest me at all because their coats are TOO long and I go crazy from the shedding of my 80 pound AB puppy so 40-50 pounds of MORE hair drives me batty thinking about it. My AB is VERY people oriented and he's getting PP training so I have that covered at this stage, but thanks for the suggestion. It's really down to 2 breeds that interest me, the Kangal and the CAO. When I say years I mean years as I also have plans to move to the country. So thank you again for your input, Gary I'd love to hear some personal experiences from you and you CO even the hair on them is too long for liking also.
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