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  • Hello, I'm Robin from Arizona.  Sorry this is long.  We live rural but still have neighbors that we can see.  We have a nice yard (1.25 acres).  Fully fenced.  The neighborhood is nice, or so we thought, until we later learned they have problems out here with the druggies stealing stuff.  Apparently they'll steal anything not nailed down.  The police are pro guard dog & pro gun for citizens. In fact, after we had something stolen police told us to put up signs (no trespassing & dogs on duty).  According to the officers out here that's fair warning.  Beyond that if the person comes in... defend yourself.  They cautioned that police are spread thin out here & if everyone (law abiding citizens) had good dogs it would certainly help.  

    I'm not a babe in the woods where it comes to working dogs.  I've done it all my life on the farm & as an adult I spent years training professional dogs with jobs.  So I'm fully aware that all dogs need their training.  I generally work one of the herding breeds (Malinois, German Shepherd, Doberman).  I train in an old military style using obstacles to train obedience & generally train all mine to track.  My dogs have always been guardians.  I start them as pups.  The older dogs generally help me train the new ones but my old dogs died off on me & I'm left with a Giant Schnauzer who is mentally immature & 2 little dogs (these are tiny dogs who weigh 2.75 pounds & 4 pounds & are fully grown). We need a working dog that's capable of going to the mat if necessary.  I prefer for a bad guy to look at my dogs & wet his pants & run to church, confess his sins & be done with it.  If he looks & the sight of all those teeth don't do it, the dog better be ready to back up those teeth.  I take home security very seriously.

    I'm looking for suggestions from those who know the Moloser breeds best.  Having read a bit about us & our situation, do you have any breeds that sound like they'd fit the bill for our needs?

    I want a dry mouth dog.  Drool after drinking but not all over the house & me all the time, thanks.
    I need a dog who has the good judgement to be gentle with the little bossy dogs, chickens & such.  Little critters in my care are to be protected by big dogs... not stomped or eaten by them.  
    I need a dog who will have a job & likes to work with the handler & who can work as part of a team because I always have 2-3 working dogs (right now I feel a little naked with just my Giant).  And yeah I'm one of those sneaky handlers who won't hesitate to send my dogs around behind a bad guy while he's focused on me & 1 dog.
    I prefer a quiet dog who only barks when good dogs should bark (someone's at the gate, spots a predator, etc..)
    Where I live it can get 115-120 in the summer & stay there for weeks... so I'd prefer a short haired dog but will deal with a long haired breed if it's the right breed (she won't be living outside as a yard dog).

    The Boerbel has caught my attention.  But some information I read makes me think this sounds like the perfect breed... others make me think it wouldn't work.  One thing one site stated was that a female Boerbel needs a male dog companion & will not tolerate other females.  My understanding is that these started out as farm dogs & on our farm males & females work side by side & better get along because us farmers don't have time for a lot of nonsense.  

    I'm open to suggestions & will be researching stuff to death before I decide which direction to go.  My dogs tend to live long lives unless something weird happens so I take breed selection dead-serious.  After having read a lot on this website I figured you were the people in the know who could tell me if I'm (pardon the pun) barking up the wrong tree.  Thanks in advance for any insight you can offer.

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