Comment to 'seeking breed info'
  • Thanks to everyone for your input.  I'm researching the recommended breeds.  

    Gary that's a good looking dog.

    Just last night my Giant Schnauzer put a guy over the fence, loud expletives to be heard for a few blocks.  My Giant came up to the porch & suddenly went down.  Her feet were full of thorns but it didn't phase her until after the threat was over.  Pretty pleased with her.  Crazy to have to go to this.  I mean, adding another dog to our family is never a bad thing to me but still...  Somebody's hiney is going to be dental floss for my dog if this keeps up.

    I'm still trying to really understand the difference in the CO & CAO breeds other than geographic & some have sited the CAO to be more toward dog aggression.  

    I'm also trying to figure out with the Kangal (& some of the other breeds) many people talking about the real thing versus dogs that are mixed bred.  (Sorry for my ignorance on this.  In Dobes or Shepherds this is a big no-no) so can someone recommend websites I can look at that you feel offer dogs that are bred true to the breed's purpose?  I'd like ot look at what folks here consider to be properly bred Kangals, COs & CAOs.  

    Thanks again :)

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