Comment to 'Is this a typical CAO?'
  • Young dog. Not much of a head, quite small, but that might change. Muzzle is too long. Ear set is nice and small, but could be a bit lower. Too low of a set tail, why are they showing it with a curled or raised tail? The breed is supposed to have a sickle or saber tail that can hang to the hock. Is it curled at the end? I can't tell. It looks quite short in the photo if it is not a long dock. Not a flat topline, shallow in the whither and too much spring in the loin. Odd neck placement. I like the rear better than most CAOs, they usually have little or no angulation. All and all, an ugly puppy in an awkward stage, IMO. There is also a bit of extra weight on the pup which further alters the look. I wouldn't call anything typical with this breed. IMO, there is more variety in this vague standard than in any other, lol. I still feel that regional varieties should ring true and independent, but that's another discussion. Others prefer the variety available in this breed.
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