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Is this a typical CAO?

Bwahahahahahahahaha....... So ear cropping and tail docking is what gives the breed its "breed", good to know.
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    • Does anyone know if this is breed typical? I think the dog in the photo is young but it is supposed to be a Central Asian Ovcharka.
      • Well, if it isn't right now I'm sure it will be breed typical in another decade or so. I saw that the Kennel Club USA allows you to register your dog as purebred by paying $20 bucks via PayPal and faxing some pedigree over. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.
        • in my opinion no
          • This is one of the many problems with beauty breeding. The breeders will breed for traits that they think look cool and sometimes this can lead to drastic changes in the breed type. The modern bull terrier and GSD are some of the most extreme examples of this. Both of these breeds used to be functional working dogs. Now they are deformed mutants.
            • It seems like this breeder thought a mini CAO would look nice so he or she bred for small dogs. I feel like this dog has some herding dog blood in it.
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