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  • [quote1321620668=Tonedog] Except for those of the "metagontes" it seems, which he describes as very cunning and smart silent finders. I can't work out who or where the metagontes or metagon are, although they sound like a somewhat wild tribe that live near sparta and crete, with both these places claiming them. Anyway yes it seems they had very wiley scenting dogs, perhaps not even scenthounds but rather a primitive pariah that was very cunning. [/quote1321620668] Bandog. Purposeful crossbreed to be kept on lead until needed. That's what a Metagon is. Specialized strains kept thoroughbred by metagon keepers, all descended from a mythical hybrid animal and perpetuated through a series of outcrosses and ridiculously tight inbreedings, particularly valued as silent trackers. Hunting, fighting, guarding etc varieties, all under the same "breed" group and handful of names, Metagon being one of the remembered ones in Greece. Hope that helps. P.S. The Suliot Boarhound was a pure metagon, as an example.
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