Comment to 'Interested in getting a CO'
  • Shaving a dog's coat doesn't necessarily provide relief from the heat for a dog. When you shave a dog with a true coat like a CO, you remove the outer guard hairs which protect him from the sun and rain, which makes his coat wheather proof. I've seen these dogs in somewhat warmer climates, but not the tropical temperatures of your country. Even in these more tempid climates, plenty of shade and fresh water is needed to keep the dog from overheating. CO's are very dominant dogs, and often have issues with other dogs. The problem here would be IF one of your pitts were to happen to cross a CO, it would be very hard to prevent serious injury, as you know CO's are very large and their primary job is wolf/predator killing, then guarding. If you do get one, in my experience with any new breed you should start with a female, then get a male. I would look into Xamen's suggestions if you need a protection dog. If you have livestock that needs protection too, I would look into Kangals. Welcome and good luck!
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